If you’re not already using Instagram, where have you been hiding? Also, allow me to introduce you to Instagram!

Instagram is another photo app for the iPhone…I know, I know, there’s approximately eleventy-billion iPhone photo apps on your phone already.  This one is just a bit different.

It’s creative & social. That’s two things that I get on board with nearly every time.

Instagram allows you to capture an image and give it one of many classic “aged” effects and then post it into you stream.  Subsequently you can have the image post to Twitter, Facebook, 4Square, Flickr, and all the other popular communities.

It’s extremely easy and very addictive.

What makes Instagram social is that similar to Twitter, you follow and have followers. This allows others to follow the stream of your amazing photos (because you’re photos will be amazing won’t they?), as well as following and discovering many talented people.

The one thing that does amaze me is the movement that the tech savvy seem so focused on swinging the “quality” in the other direction. I’m guilty of this as well. We have finally come to the point where cameras (both still and video) can produce the highest quality that we should expect for minimal investment.  However, the most popular apps right now take photographs and videos and convert them to formats that replicate the cameras that our grandparents used.

It’s fascinating to me, but I’m also leading the charge.  There’s something about the aged beauty that puts me into a satisfied and comfortable mindset.

In the end, a good image is a good image.

If you give Instagram a try, feel free to follow me: WBPhoto

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