I know I tend to say that my couples are the best, but I feel it would be a lie of omission if I didn’t say it.

Kristin booked me for their Lure Lodge wedding last year and it’s been good times ever since.  We had a fabulous engagement session and coming off of that I knew that this wedding was going to be a blast.  Kristin and Casey are fun, easy to work with, and a pleasure to be around…plus they have a Yorkie named Cash that is involved in pretty much everything they do.

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for a cute Yorkie!

After showing up to begin capturing the the big day it was a photographer’s dream. Everyone involved was there to make the day perfect. I had people offering to carry gear, hold lenses, and moving schedules to make my day easier without me so much as asking. To say I feel like I’ve been blessed with amazing clients in my career is an understatement.

As a side note to the photographer’s reading this…not only did I get to eat at the reception, they had me go through the line with the bridal party! When does that ever happen?

We were blessed with gorgeous weather, which had been a major stress point for the week. My iPhone was constantly pinging weather sites and in a great twist of events, it lied. :)

Below are several of my favorite images…come on, a ring girl doing her “surprise face”? That’s golden!

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did capturing these amazing moments.