It was a short time ago that I got a call from Andrea inquiring about capturing their wedding day. Due to a medical issue, their previously booked photographer had been forced to step away. Knowing what it would take for me to walk away from a previously booked wedding, I felt awful for their situation. However, we were available and felt honored that would have an opportunity to step in.

Leading up to the wedding it seemed as though we would have no luck with the weather. Loading my iPhone app to check the weather daily I would see day after day of rain. You never want rain on a wedding day, but when the ceremony is outdoors it becomes a ball of anxiety for me.

It couldn’t have turned out better.

The sun was shining all day…it was warm, but who can complain with a setting this beautiful?

We spent the day documenting everything we could and felt really blessed to be working with two amazing families as they became one.

I couldn’t begin to show all of my favorite images from this day, but below you will find several. Feel free to leave a comment below, as with all my couples, 50 comments will get them a free 11×14 print.