A Yorkie?!?!

I love my little Yorkie named Reggie. With my children growing up at an ever increasing rate, he’s my baby. He’s got his spot beside me while I spend hours editing photos…my little partner in crime. So having a Yorkie is a great step towards bonding, but bringing it to your engagement shoot is priceless!!!

Kristin and Casey will be getting married next month and I’m lucky enough to be the person tasked with capturing that wonderful day.

Similarly to so many other sessions the past couple of months, we’ve fought weather several times and finally just had to make it happen. Not more than 2 hours before we were scheduled to shoot, I watched it pour from the sky. Magically we were given an hour break in the weather and walked away with some amazing photographs…literally starting to rain as I got in the car.

Some things are just meant to be…speaking of that, here’s Kristin and Casey.