So what exactly is Spotify and why does it keep posting things to all your friends Facebook feed? I would say the most true definition is Spotify drips with pure awesomeness.

Spotify is a music service…but not what you’re used to. You don’t download songs, you don’t buy songs, … let me explain.  Spotify has a ridiculously large music library. They’ve landed deals with the majority of major record companies and have built an iTunes music store like library. However, instead of purchasing the tracks that you want to listen too, you pay a monthly fee (there’s a free account too) to have access to ALL of them. That’s right, EVERY song in their library can be streamed at any point to your computer, phone, tablet, etc.  I currently subscribe to the premium plan which for $10 a month gives me the ability to download any song I like to 3 of my devices (my iphone, ipad, and imac) in the case of not having access to wifi or 3g.  It also eliminates the pandora like advertising.

As if having access to a ginormous library of music isn’t enough, it is also a “social” site (if you want it to be). I can share my favorite playlists, subscribe to my friends playlists, or even collaborate.  I have a playlist I call “High School Musical” that I collaborate with a few of my friends from high school on. The only songs allowed on it are songs that we put on heavy rotation during high school.  It’s one of my favorites to listen too because when someone ads a song I had forgot about, it puts me right back in that carefree teenage mindset.

You may also subscribe to playlist of people who simply want to share.  There is a user/site named Topsify that has some extremely helpful playlists.  They create a playlist for each of the Billboard charts and keep them constantly updated.  So if you want to know what’s hot right now, it’s there for you every single time.

I can honestly say I’ve listened to more music since starting to use this than I have in years.  I’m discovering music I never would’ve heard because MTV stopped playing music, I can’t stand the radio, and previews in iTunes just aren’t enough. I’m listening to music I would never have paid for…

Sitting at a stop light I searched and found Sir-mix-a-lot’s “Buttermilk Biscuits”. If you remember that, then you know how incredible that moment was.

I believe Spotify has opened up to everyone now, like most they were invite only originally, but if not I have 20ish invites still available. Leave a comment, tweet, or email and I can take care of you.