Yesterday I spent a long day with Zach & Jody Gray for their In Camera: Shooting & Post Workshop. Well, the Gray’s and a bunch of other amazing photographers. I could set for hours and not come up with a complaint about my experience. Sure, getting home at around 1:30 was rough, but some things are just worth it.

The entire day was so tremendous. Zach & Jody seem to really care about helping improve the quality of your craft and didn’t hesitate to stop and help at every single turn. The in class portion was informative and the in camera portion was amazing. Not even the bad weather could stop us. I’m not sure what percentage of that was great planning, great instruction, or a heaping helping of enthusiasm by everyone. The models persevered through horrific weather and everyone teamed up holding umbrellas to protect gear.

On the day as a whole I really enjoyed interacting with everyone in the class and feel like I learned so much in such a short period of time. I can’t wait for the lighting class in a few weeks!

Thank you so much to everyone in the class, the grips, Dustin & Lindsey, and especially Zach & Jody (mmmmm, Spiderman snacks)! Oh, and thank you to my wife and mother for a perfect birthday gift.

Bucket List items checked off:

Below are four of my favorite images from the day and after the jump you’ll find several more:

3513786176_46d4bb4041_bWithout question my favorite image of the day. I fought to find my own shot and I was very pleased with it afterwards.

3513784936_172f6cd336_bThis was such a good location regardless of the weather…but I so have to come up with a solid wide angle lens.

3513776878_c0cf2849fb_bZach said, “Wanna go setup a shot in the rain?”  … Like I’m gonna say “no.”

3513782484_318589210b_bThere’s something about the lines with this one that really feels good to me.  If we’d had a bit more room in the garage I think I could’ve perfected it.

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