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A look at both our professional and personal lives. If you would like a more wedding-centric focus, please see our wedding website at www.wesbrownweddings.com.

Somerset High School Prom 2016

When your daughter up and decides that she's going to graduate high school early as a junior, it throws a lot of things upside down. All those plans for her senior year get bumped up to a lot sooner than, as a father, I'm prepared for. This meant this prom was THE...

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Engagement Session : Behind The Scenes

This past Saturday started out with a sunrise engagement session in Lexington, KY...and THEN we had 3 more session that day. Here's a look at everything behind the scenes. https://youtu.be/eZXiErZugyY

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Music Mondays : Happy Birthday Maddie!!!

Music is important in my family. I can probably explain it best with a story that has nothing to do with my little angel who's birthday is today. There is a bird who has decided to build it's nest in our porch. In the past couple of weeks the little eggs have hatched...

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Music Mondays : Never Too Much

Oops...it looks like I forgot to write this one. In my defense, we were on the road in Nashville with my son. Definitely in a "soul" mood this weekend...although that Wale had to creep in. Enjoy!

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Music Mondays : Stand by me

This week we're starting smooth and then we're just going to have some fun. One thing I will say, if you've never heard this cover of Stand by me...you might want to take a look at the video below the playlist. The way this song was recorded was amazing. I'm a sucker...

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Music Mondays : Lazy shade tree music

I finally fixed the hammock chair. After procrastinating hanging Chrissa's Christmas present, a woven hammock chair, I have finally corrected the issue of hanging it way too low. So with that in mind, here's a list of lazy sitting under a shade tree on a sunny day...

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