Music is important in my family. I can probably explain it best with a story that has nothing to do with my little angel who’s birthday is today.

There is a bird who has decided to build it’s nest in our porch. In the past couple of weeks the little eggs have hatched and the mother has began feeding them. Upon watching from a far my son said “Look dad, three little birds…just like Bob Marley said.”

When my son not only knows Bob Marley’s music, but can associate it into everyday conversation I get the feeling I’m doing something right in life.

Today my youngest turns 12 years old. She’s a fascinating little one and when we occasionally have what she affectionately calls “Maddie/Daddy Day”, the playlist is important. When we’re in the car it’s time to sing like nobody’s listening and dance like nobody is watching.

She’s a Michael Jackson girl who cried the day she found out Stevie Wonder was blind. She mouths the words Beyonce and I can guarantee she was representing Wale before anybody reading this knew who he was. If there’s a song that mentions Miami, she’s throwing up The U…and you know that makes daddy proud.

In the end it really comes down to one song that no matter how old she gets, she’ll never outgrow…sure, she’s not listening to an ancient Hannah Montana song with her friends, but if “If We Were A Movie” comes on anything we’re going to sing it. LOUD.

It’s our song.

Happy Birthday sweetheart.