Two weeks. I’ve had this beautiful piece of technology on my wrist for 2 weeks and it’s become 2nd nature to use it.

Am I an Apple Fan Boy? Sure. However, when they get it wrong I generally don’t hold back (I’m looking at you original AppleTV). This time however, they got it right as rain.

You can find all kinds of reviews about the Apple Watch, but I wanted to talk about how it feels on a day to day basis as a photographer.

The biggest issue I have with this watch is that when people see it they say “So what’s the coolest thing it does? Show me!” Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. There’s really nothing this watch does that your phone isn’t already doing for you. There are a couple of health related apps, but for the most part it’s meant to augment your relationship with your phone.

For me, it’s all about convenience. I get A LOT of messages, emails, calendar events,…and yes sports info. It’s a constant digging in my pocket to see what’s happening, classifying it’s relevance, and moving on to the next thing. After paring down the amount of notifications that hit my wrist (it’s easy to overdo it), that’s where I fell in love with it.

Everything is there at a glance. I’ve got the sounds turned off, so a light tap on my wrist directs me to raise my hand. When I do, I see it and generally put my wrist back down. Yes, if my wife hits me with an imessage I can do a quick reply, but for the most part it’s something I’ll handle later.

On a wedding day, the longstanding godsend of an app is Dark Sky. It’ll alert me if weather is in the area and how it will play out. It’s not giving me weather for my area code, it’s giving me weather for exactly where I’m standing. For example, I might get something that says “Heavy rain for the next 22 minutes. Followed by 12 minutes of drizzle. Clear for 9 minutes before rain begins again.”

I’m sure anyone can understand how important that is on a wedding day. When I’m weighted down with camera gear, straps, and belts it’s not easy to get to my phone. This way I can glance and be done.

I’m always stressed at weddings that people see me on my phone and think I’m playing Candy Crush or checking Facebook. I’m checking timelines, weather, daylight, and messaging my 2nd shooter and assistants. My hope is that this makes me a little less self conscience about that during the day.

Day to day I’m falling in love with the health app…specifically telling me to stand up and move regulary. It’s very easy for me to sit down to edit and spend hours upon hours without blinking, let alone getting up. That type of hyper focus is the definition of a gift and a curse. Now once an hour I’m reminded to get up for a minute and get the circulation going. I know at a quick glance where I’m at compared to my excercise goal, steps, etc. I’ve had a fitbit, but this is a new level.

Is this thing something I can live without? Absolutely, but I really don’t want to. I’ve cut my time with my nose buried in my phone in half. It’s quick and effortless.

Also…sports!!!!! So many times I want to simply see a headline or a score and get on with things. In my last wedding I was on a knee waiting for the bridesmaids to come down the aisle. I felt a tap on my wrist. I glanced down for a quarter of a second…the Yankees lost. Oh well, you can’t win them all.