It’s important to set goals, it gives us something to strive to achieve. Most people tend to think that only the highest of goals should be focused on but I disagree. Even the smallest goal deserves focus and attention.

Below is a list of photographic goals for 2012.

1. Shoot an engagement session inside of Baxter’s Coffee. The atmostphere is amazing, texture everywhere you turn, and overall just a cool concept.
2. Establish some sort of program to help local musicians receive quality photographs for their press kits. Music has been a passion of mine even longer than photography. In 2012 it’s ridiculous for small town musicians with bit time aspirations to settle for sub par images to accompany their work. I have an idea for a limited offering every year for local musicians.
3. Get more of my work framed and put into businesses. This is as much a selfish want as it is good business. Sure, having large prints up in a business is good for marketing, but I would also love to visit places and see my work on dislplay.
4. I want to shoot a destination wedding this year. I don’t necessarily mean Jamaica, but I’ll take it. The truth is a lot of people like to hire someone locally when they get married abroad or away from their area. More times than not, they don’t make the best choices.
5. In 2012 I need to set aside more time for personal work. I love weddings, portraiture, and everything I shoot. However, in order to keep my skills sharp I need to spend some time working on things that I’m not being paid for.

Of course I have more goals, but we’ll start there for the time being.

Set your goals wisely and strive to acheive them. Good luck and I wish all of you the a very productive, successful, and happy 2012.