I want to start by simply saying that I am proud of Somerset, KY.  The Somerset I grew up in probably wouldn’t have gotten this event past the planning phase and if it did would never have gotten this support.

After hearing about the Zombie walk late in the the day, I thought I might run by and grab a few snapshots and really just check everything out.  I thought there might be a crowd, but never did I imagine the amount of people that showed up at the judicial center.  On top of that, A LOT of people put in a TON of effort on their costumes and makeup! From children, to high school kids, to parents, grandparents, and one zombie that had to be a great grandmother. Freddy & The Krueger’s were a perfect touch as the official band of the Zombie Walk as well.

I love the effort, I love the excitement, and I love that as best I can tell no one did anything stupid.

I hope this becomes an annual event and if it does, I’ve already got a plan on how to shoot some crazy photographs next year.   This also has me thinking that after seeing some of the zombie prosthetic work, I might need to do a zombie project.