I have absolutely no idea where to start…and anyone who knows me knows that coming up with words isn’t usually an issue.

I guess we can start with a little boy coming over too play with my little brother when I was in high school and my friends and I executing flawless wrestling maneuvers on him. Fast forward several years and I’m meeting with that little boy’s fiance about becoming the photographer for their wedding. Thankfully Michael didn’t hold a grudge for a pile driver and a DDT. :)

Michael and Taylor are an unbelievably sweet couple. In truth they were married shortly after I initially met with them and before Michael went into the Marines. Since that time we’ve done an engagement shoot, a bridal portrait session, and now we have finally completed their dream wedding. It’s been a long journey and we’ve loved every second.

The other story behind this wedding is the vendors.

I learned early on in the wedding industry that if you put amazing vendors together, the results can be magical.  Let me introduce you to the team:

If I were to put together an #allstar lineup for a wedding, you’re looking at it! Wow!  To be honest, that put even more pressure on me for this huge day. Not only did I want to capture the day for Taylor & Michael, but I wanted to show everyone what these extremely talented and dedicated people could accomplish.  In the end, I couldn’t be more thrilled. The couple was gorgeous, the day was amazing, the weather was perfect, the cake and food tasted terrific, the flowers were stunning, and it was all planned perfectly. Even the photographer and videographers got along.

Cowboy hats, shot guns, 3 wedding dresses, and grape stomping.

Right now my fingers are crossed that we can put together an event every year with this caliber of talent working with each other…and of course, I’d love for every client of mine to be as easy to deal with and enjoyable as Taylor & Michael have been.

Taylor & Michael,

Thank you so much for letting us into your lives now and in the future. We’re truly blessed to have been a part of such an beautiful time in your lives.  I can only hope to have captured some of that emotion for you to enjoy looking back on for years to come.

Wes, Chrissa, & everyone with Wes Brown Photography

Here is a very small glimpse into the day with a few of my favorites.

Be sure and check out our Facebook page for their slideshow soon.

A very special thanks to my assistant Nick Hibbard for a great day!