I know that I’m constantly saying how special each wedding is and I guess it’s true to some extent.  This was a wedding that I had looked forward to for so very long.  The family was such a pleasure to work with leading up to the big day and the couple is so remarkable and sweet.  Couple that with the fact that my wife and I were married at the Pisgah Schoolhouse gazeebo, just outside the church this wedding took place in and it makes for a teary eyed photographer.

When we arrived at Ryan’s grandparent’s home early that Saturday I was expecting the standard nervous groom, but it couldn’t have been further from what I expected.  Ryan was calm, but more than that he was ready. He wanted to be married and time was the only thing standing in his way.

Ayrica on the other hand was a bit nervous when we met her at the church in the afternoon. She is as sweet as can be, an amateur photographer who LOVES butterflies! Hopefully when our schedule calms down we can sit down and look through her work.

Our biggest obstacle for the day was weather.  Every minute seemed as though the sky was about to open up and pour water across us all.  During the ceremony black clouds covered the church and gave it the feel of dusk outside, giving everything a very intimate feel.  After the ceremony the weather held off just until we made it into the reception, then the monsoon came…however, when it was time for portraits, it dried right up.

I’m so very proud of Ryan, Ayrica, & their families. I will always be in their debt for letting us share in such an unbelievably touching day.