Regardless of which side of the isle one sets on, it’s hard to debate the significance behind the operation that Seal Team 6 carried out in Abbottabad this past Sunday. While the death of Bin Ladin does not remedy the most significant American tragedy of my lifetime, but it does provide a small feeling of relief. When a crime so heinous is committed, I personally feel a punishment must be doled out and a price paid.

After the initial shock of hearing the news of the successful mission carried out by some brave and talented soldiers, my thoughts fell to Peter Souza.


I learned of Peter Souza while watching a riveting documentary called “The President’s Photographer”. Each president for the past several terms have had a photographer on staff in order to document their presidency. Peter is President Obama’s chosen photographer and an extremely talented one at that.

Something that Peter said in the documentary repeated in my head for most of the past 24 hours. As a photographer he documents nearly every minute of the day because any phone call, meeting, or action could be the moment that defines the President’s legacy.

He may have just documented those moments.


As I watched the documentary I found myself jealous of Peter, as well as feeling sorry for him. He is spending this 4 years (and possibly 4 more) killing himself by shooting around the clock, rarely interacting with friends or family, lacking sleep, and constantly jetting across the globe. He gives up so much in order to carry this extreme responsibility.

Below is a link to see what he has released for public viewing of what he witnessed as the President and his staff watched SEAL Team 6 complete their mission.

His imagery always rings so true.  Are they shot for a spread in Vogue? No, but there is something very powerful in them for me.

“The President’s Photographer” is available on Netflix streaming. I highly recommend it.