I have a long list of people I “admire” in photography and I’m actually debating doing a profile on each of them on this blog over the next few months.

One person who finds themselves toward the top of that list is Chase Jarvis. Chase is an amazing photographer, but even more so, he has a strong belief in sharing information. A lot of people fear the growth of the industry, believing that all of these new photographers will cost them jobs, money, and notoriety.

Anyone can buy a paint brush, but that doesn’t make them an artist.

I believe Chase and I see things eye to eye on a lot of levels. As an artist I believe that I have something inside of me that sets me apart from everyone else. It’s my responsibility to showcase that in a manner that potential clients will not only see but appreciate. There are no secrets in photography, if there ever were they are long gone with the readily available information on the web.

Instead of fearing this change, we need to embrace it.

Below is a recent keynote that Chase gave at the Photo Plus Expo. After what I see as a wonderful 19 minute look into where photography should be going, Chase invites some very influential industry leaders onto the stage for roundtable. If you’re a photographer, I highly recommend carving out an hour of your day and giving this a watch.