Size of a wedding does NOT matter!

As photographer’s I think we get caught up in wanting cathedral size venues with every elaboration that can be made in order to make our photograph’s look infinitely more expensive. I’ve fallen into that mindset before and the Dillon’s have forced the mindset to change.

This beautiful bride, Toni, contacted me several months ago about possibly shooting their ceremony. The difference? She was living in England!!! (Talk about a payoff to hours upon hours of working on our search engine placement!)

Toni filled me in on their situation and I was intrigued. This loving couple had already been married across the pond, but intended on doing an intimate ceremony at their lake house here in Pulaski County.

I can’t explain to you how awesome this family is. We were treated like relatives and left with such a fulfilled feeling that the standard for wedding couples has been reset.

Due to the size of the wedding, we spent the day doing our coverage a bit different. Instead of a dress hanging in a window or a bride applying makeup, we were just capturing the family via posed and journalistic style portraits.

We talked Doctor Who, climbed a roof, hung out with Toni’s late father, and had the best pork tenderloin that has ever been cooked.

We had such a tremendous time! I hope they renew their vows in a few years, just so we can hangout with them again.