A few weeks ago my wife and I couldn’t have been happier to capture Brad and Chelsea’s amazing wedding.  It seems like forever since their engagement session, but it was easy to tell then that these two where perfect for each other.  That really showed through as the day progressed.

I was so happy that the two of them agreed to a “1st look” as opposed to waiting until the ceremony to see each other. True, as a photographer it’s a selfish “want” because it makes things easier for us, but I really think it is far more romantic and meaningful to the couple.  It gives them a beautiful moment away from the limelight and after we capture it, it then gives them some very needed moments of solitude with each other to take it all in.  Getting married is stressful and anything that can be done to ease that stress helps us all.

Not only were we excited to be working with such an amazing couple, but this was also our 1st time working with wedding planner Sarah Burton and ido Signature Events.  It was a unbelievable pleasure to finally get to work with her and thanks to her hard work, the day went off without a hitch.  As a photographer, the wedding day is all about the time your allowed.  She made sure we got what we needed and in the end I think it helped produce some very captivating and beautiful imagery…although, the happy couple had a little bit to do with that. ;)

Congratulations Chelsea and Brad! You’re on the path to a wonderful life and we were honored to capture those moments of your 1st steps.

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