I assure you I’m not bored, even though it seems like I’ve got more projects than “Good Times“. As I’ve said, I really want to get this blog back on the right track with content. Some weeks are going to be busier than others, but projects like this should allow for a steady flow of imagery while we shoot, process, and put forward our insightful thoughts.

iPhone Friday sounds very much like what it says. Every Friday I will be posting my favorite image I’ve taken with my iPhone for the week (with all processing completed in the iPhone). This is something I’ve been wanting to do ever since getting on board with the Chase Jarvis philosophy “The best camera is the one you have with you.”

I haven’t counted lately, but on a shoot there is no telling how much money we’ve got in the gear we’re using. However, gear doesn’t make a photographer, it’s vision. Not too mention that if you visualize an amazing image and your gear is at your studio or home…what good is it? You’ll never get a chance at that moment again.

Hopefully over time I can show people that you can create some very meaningful imagery with a simple iPhone camera.

This week is a double. One of our seniors had their “rep cards” come in this afternoon…I don’t know how excited she is but I’m bouncing of the walls.

iPhone Friday - Rep Cards

iPhone Friday - Rep Cards