A few weekends ago, Chrissa and I spent the morning with Jake Stamper, his girlfriend, and father…it was AMAZING! I knew we were shooting around Woodson Bend Resort’s golf course, but I was excited to see that we were actually going to shoot on the course throughout the entire morning.

We started our day on the 9th hole, after a quick warm up (for both of us), and then proceeded throughout the rest of the course. In 9 holes I snapped around 1,200 images and really pushed my Mark ii to the limits…I think.

We broke out the big lights on a few holes, but mostly just snapped away while Jake played. It was a long morning, but 4 hours of shooting landed us a lot of quality images to work from.

We’ve got a second session scheduled soon in order to do some more formal portraits, but I think we’re on the right track.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day…and be sure to check out our behind the scenes video here.