Over the past year my son has grown up. I mean that in every definition of the word. Physically he’s growing like a weed and resembling a little man more and more each day. Mentally he’s maturing and it’s really starting to make me proud. In the past 3 weeks he’s returned perfect scores on his spelling tests with 1 off week where he scored a 80%. Spelling was a real struggle last year and it’s nice to see trying so hard.

No matter how much he grows up though, it’s difficult to get him to do portraits. Peyton doesn’t care for it either, but with some coaxing she can be convinced to give it a shot. My daughter Maddie is ready for pictures at the mention of the word. When it comes to Blake I find myself pulling out the long lens and doing some sneak attacks.

The pictures above are from a wedding we attended a few months ago. It seems like I’ve been getting a lot of pictures of him with his iPod in, but that could be because he’s always got his iPod in.

He loves his music.