This weekend I was once again lucky enough to find myself spending time learning from The Gray’s and several other talented photographers.  The primary focus of this workshop was to get a greater understanding of light, in particular using a strobe with a softbox to create a desired effect.

We went through most of the informational portions quickly and with a good handle for everything.  We then spent the majority of the day bouncing around to various locations with our 2 models, Lindsey & Ellie.  Downtown Nashville really has a tremendous amount of great spots to shoot.  However, if you look at it the right way, nearly everywhere has a great spot to shoot.

We found ourselves in alleyways, parking garages, sidewalks, and even The Frist Center.

As with the previous workshop I had taken, both Zach & Jody were amazing. They take their time with you and seem to have a genuine interest in helping you improve and learn. Also similar to the 1st workshop, we had a astounding group this time.  With so many of us in a workshop it really gives you a chance to see through someone elses lens.

There are a lot of elements of photography without right or wrong.  A lot seems to fall into your own perspective…that’s where taking part in these workshops with such talented and enthusiastic photogs really helps.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the workshop.  I had a tremendous time and look forward to staying in touch with many of you.  Thank you Lindsey & Ellie for being so patient in sometimes adverse conditions.  And a big thank you to Cliff who did everything from hold diffusion panels, guard and transport gear, and even handle the occasional security officer.

And again THANK YOU to Zach & Jody! You’ve been a immense help to me in many different ways.  I look forward to seeing you again, whether it be for a workshop, dinner, or just to hang out.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the weekend, with even more images available after the jump.

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