lost opportunities, originally uploaded by onetre502.

In truth, visually this image isn’t to stunning. However, in my mind it says everything that needs to be said.

For months I have driven by an old parking garage on my way to and from work. Each time driving by thinking to myself, “I really want to stop and takes some shots of that building.”

The structure itself was nothing amazing, but the front face of the building had what I would call “fish scales” of metal covering the front. My plan was to lay on the sidewalk and shoot up into the “scales” with a fair amount of sky and doorway.

I planned and planned…thought and thought…and in the end just kept driving by.


I was either too late to work, too tired to stop, or had something else to get too. There was always tomorrow. However, tomorrow never came and never will.

One day on my way to work I looked over and the building was gone.

My guess is there are several morals to that story, but I digress.