As some of you may know, I have a “Bucket List” on this site.  It’s pretty straight forward…it’s simply a list of things I’d love to accomplish in photography during my lifetime.  Some are small, some are next to impossible, and most fall in the middle.

Today I get to cross one of these items off my list!

  • Receive a compliment on one of my photographs by someone I’ve never met before.

I know that seems a little insignificant in reading, but it’s far from it.

Ellen, who is the aunt of a participant in a recent shoot, took time out of her day to write a very sweet and encouraging email to me.  It’s something she was in no way obligated to do and simply could’ve told her nephew that she liked the pictures and that was it.  Thankfully for me that wasn’t just “it” .

It’s things like that that really help build confidence and allows you to know if you’re even remotely on the right track.  Sure, my wife can go on and on about how “wonderful” I am, but I receive that support from her in pretty much any foolish endeavor I embark on.

A lot of great things have happened since launching my site…hopefully that continues for some time to come.